At Dlubak Powder Coatings, our trained staff develops a hard finish to your product through a powder coating method.   Powder Coating uses a dry thermoplastic or thermoset polymer powder that adheres through an electrostatic and curing process.  Unlike liquid paint, powder coating does not require a solvent and provides a much more durable and harder finish.  This makes powder coating wonderful for coating metals you wish to have around for a long time or are exposed to harsh elements.


For quality results, all foreign material must be completely removed from the part being powder coated.


An electrostatic spray gun is used to apply the powder coating.  The gun charges the powder letting it stick to the part by a powerful electrostatic force.


The part in which the powder coating is applied, is then cured or heated for a specific amount of time at a high heat to finalize the process.

Pre-Treatment and Part Preparation

For quality results, all foreign material must be completely removed from the part being powder coated.  This includes dirt, oil, grease, metal oxides, paint, welding scale, adhesive, etc.  How the foreign material is removed is dependent on the size of the part, what the part is, and what the foreign material is.  You can use chemical and mechanical methods.

At Dlubak Powder Coatings, we ask you to clean your part as best as you can, but we are happy to prepare it at a small additional cost.  We take meticulous care that the preparation process is done correctly and we use multiple methods of pre-treatment.  Chemical pre-treatments use a chromates or phosphates bathing and rinsing or spraying process along with a pre-heating process in out industrial oven.  The most common mechanical form of preparation is sandblasting.

Applying the Powder

When applying the powder, we use an electrostatic spray gun.  The spray gun adheres a positive electric charge to the powder itself.  The part that is being sprayed is actually grounded so when the charged powder sprays from the gun, the powder is held to the part by a powerful electrostatic charge.

The Curing Process

Thermoset powder begins to melt and chemically react when exposed to high heat.  This curing process forms a network-like structure with a higher molecular weight polymer.  This is what gives the powder coating such a durable and strong finish.

The curing process is called crosslinking and requires a specific temperature for a specific length of time to efficiently complete the process. Curing can take about 10-20 minutes at temperature around 450 °F. The curing temperature and time can vary depending on the type of powder and part. At Dlubak Powder Coatings, we use a specialized large curing oven to fit almost any sized object.